Smarter Marketing 101: Set-up & Create Cross-Cloud Consumer Experiences

Today's marketing is about more than just campaigns - it's about the entire experience. Consumers now expect a digital "white glove" treatment from every brand. Join us to learn how Marketing Cloud Connect ties together data across the Salesforce clouds and see how you can empower your marketing, sales and service teams to deliver messages and experiences that customers will love. Includes data sync features and distributed marketing functionality; better for a cross-cloud audience who may know little about Marketing Cloud and/or uses Sales Cloud / Service Cloud to send email and run marketing campaigns

Live Agent Pre Chat with Custom Metadata and Visualforce Compononets

Created a Pre-Chat page that encompasses custom metadata, visualforce pages and component. This allows for scalable "translations".

Develop For Changing Requirements With Custom Metadata Types

Business requirements are constantly changing. Make your code more resilient to change by implementing Custom Metadata Types. In this session, we'll show you how to use Custom Metadata Types to easily add configuration to your code. We'll compare them to Custom Settings and illustrate when to use each. We will also cover testing strategies for code that uses Custom Metadata Types. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to use this excellent feature and a Github library full of samples.

ABCs of Community Cloud: Audience Targeting, Bolt Building, and Community Builder

In this session, I’ll cover some key aspects of Salesforce communities, showing how to leverage them and explaining their value. This will serve as a great introduction to those wanting to know more about what can be done with Community Cloud, as well as a great dive into the details for managers / administrators of employee, customer, or partner communities. We’ll review a few specific areas that are changing the communities game, including audience targeting (to personalize user experiences), Lightning Bolt (to package, export, and distribute a pre-configured community), and Community Builder (to build your lightning community with lightning pages and components). It’s an engaging session focused on some amazing innovations from the Community Cloud team with real-world examples to help you bring a major impact to an online community. I’ll do a live demo, as well, to keep things interesting!

Progressive Web Apps and Salesforce

Progressive Web Apps, often shortened to PWAs, are a hot new set of buzzwords but aside from sounding fancy what do they mean for you? The concept of a Progressive Web App could be described as a bridge between traditional website and a native application. We'll take a look at what makes a Progressive Web App, and how to use those features with Salesforce.

Managing Your Salesforce Career

We will cover various aspects in career management such as:

  • Market Demand
  • Salary overview and expectations
  • Independant, Consulting or industry - what's what?
  • that

Speaker:  Jonathan Distad and Chris Hopper


Salesforce: The Force Multiplier for the post 9/11 veteran

Veterans are only half home when they return home from war. As a Chaplain, it was my job to put back the pieces of their civilian life spiritually and mentally. The transition out of the military is far more difficult than bootcamp ever was. Transitioning

Trailhead changed my life for good.

The journey of life sometimes encounters stumbling blocks which have the chance to stop us in our tracks. As a former public school Music Teacher faced with a life-altering and debilitating brain injury, I have used the skills, resources, and support of Trailhead and the Trailblazer Community to build an entirely new life for myself. This session will share my story of overcoming the adversity surrounding disability and depression, offer hope to those facing a similar struggle, supply a framework for connecting with people within the Trailblazer Community, and demonstrate the power of Trailhead to attendees looking to blaze their own trail to success within the Salesforce ecosystem.

How to take advantage of Commerce Cloud

Mike will speak to the b2c Demand Ware and b2b Cloud Craze acquisitions and what it takes to leverage these new solutions.  Topics include the differences between b2c and b2b commerce, the strategic decisions you need to make before taking digital, no-touch orders in a store front and the intersection of Service, Sales and Marketing cloud with Commerce Cloud. 

Diverse Portfolio

Your investment doesn't stop with your business, your employees are also an investment and are the driving force behind your returns and deviations. In this session, we discuss the human aspect of avoiding unsystematic risk with a diverse employee portfolio.

Speakers: Tim Lockie and Shonnah Hughes